Pano Ponti on Patreon

If you already have heard about Made In, Patreon is a way to support this project (and not only this!).

Unfortunately, I do not always have the time to be dedicated to my personal creative projects such as my music, my prints and the Made In project. I spend much of my time working with clients on web content. Of course, I enjoy working with clients but, as a friend of mine once said: “…These project will always be someone else’s story”. Let me tell you, I couldn’t agree more with him! Although working with clients is a very interesting process and I always learn new things, I need time to work on my stories. This is where Patreon comes into the picture…

Through Patreon you can invest in my personal projects. As an exchange, you can get discounts on my Bandcamp and Etsy Shop, exclusive content and credits on my projects.

With your support, I could be more dedicated and contract people out to help me produce more videos, more photos, and more music. The most important is that I’d feel I offer something very special to people that really appreciate my effort. With your support, I have the chance to become an independent Creative Media Artist.

Interested? Meet me on Patreon! 🙂