Standstill by Nenad Radosevic.

In July 2019 I was part of a very interesting and creative team. Nenad Radosevic, a good friend of mine and colleague at SAE Athens, asked me to film the recordings of his personal, new music project. Nenad had musicians from all over the world to perform his compositions in a nice old-school music studio in Athens.

The musicians almost didn’t know each other but Music never worried about such introductions. English language and passion for making something remarkable were our common ground and were more than enough to make it work! The recording took us about 10 hours. However, we had an exceptional result with almost no rehearsal and a tight budget! Is this magic or what?

As for the cinematography, I used 4 cameras and lights through umbrellas to achieve soft lighting sources. I couldn’t hang them on the ceiling because it was really high and my choice to place them on the floor created a very busy floor. Don’t forget we had additional tripods for the microphones. The hard part was not to use many lights but to make them work in a way that I had enough light, interesting shadows and not to bother any of the musicians!