Shadows of dreams

Shadows of dreams is a documentary by Dimitris Gerardis. I am very happy with this project! Working with Dimitris was a really interesting process. Except that Dimitris used to be my teacher when I was studying Digital Film Making in SAE Athens. As I have already mentioned in my article about the definition of the Creative Media Artist, I am very proud that the last years I work with people that used to teach me.

What I did in this documentary was a Creative Media Artist job. I mixed for stereo & surround 5.1 and I made the sound design as well. I have also shot all the underwater scenes. The film is on its way to festivals around the world, so get ready! More details about the movie will be announced soon. Until then, why don’t you take a look at the trailer of the film?

“Shadows Of Dreams” focuses on how people can have a totally different perception of time. People, whose profession relies on beating the limits of e and how they face those limits in their life. A professional dancer and new mother, in a foreign country, while approaching her mental and physical maturity.

A young lighthouse keeper, facing how loneliness can be. And an older one, living with the memories of the past and looking at his future. An experienced and passionate Finnish running the “Spartathlon”, one of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons. How does he feel when he realizes, that he won’t make it to the finish line? Is it like a wild animal, chasing you?

In the stories of those people, time is part of their existence, it formulates their desires, goals, limits. They all realize how time can float, be slow or crucial to their professional obligations; and at the same time, how different it can be when it comes to their personal lives.