Oh Europa is a new collection of works by Action Hero that span a continent and seek to re-imagine the ways in which we think about Europe, and how we continue to share this space together.

Action Hero have been travelling across Europe in their motorhome, asking strangers to sing a love song. Beginning their journey in April 2018, the artists have now travelled over 42,000km through 33 European countries, all the while living and working in their van. So far they have recorded over 900 love songs, all recorded inside their van and sung by people they’ve met as they are travelling.

I met Action Hero when they visited Athens and asked them if they were interested in making a short film about their project. Gemma and James were excited about the idea! They let me pass an afternoon with them inside and outside the van while strangers were coming to sing. I had only this afternoon to shoot as much as I could because they had to leave Athens for their next destination. Without preparing anything, I grabbed my camera and I met them at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. Some months later, the video was featured in “The Guardian” where Dave Simpson wrote an article about “Oh Europa”.

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Find out more about Oh Europa short film.