AfteΆδικο (AfterHours)

During March 2015 I am directing my debut short film, “AfterHours”. “AfterHours” is the story of a
dead waitress (Teresa). Teresa is working at the bar of the lord of the underworld (Charis).
Hence, the only way to avoid the decay, caused by time, is to drink from Charis’s premium drink οr
to get the elixir of youth by someone from the world of the living.

It’s the first time for me as a director of a short film. Furthermore, I am in charge of the production and editing of the movie.

Watch AfterΆδικο here!

The movie will participate in the international short film festival in Drama (Sep. 2015).
The movie will participate in the short film festival Vaggelis Kotronis in Ilioupolis (Apr.