Made In

Made In is a personal side-project that I launched in November 2017. The project came from my personal need to meet people who made their dreams come true. The idea of the project is to meet people who don’t usually work in a standard 9 to 5 job.

In every story, we will meet a new different person. These people could be artists, athletes and who knows who else? Their “office” is probably a sculpture laboratory, a conservatory or even the sea. Therefore, they have a different routine, but in my opinion, a very interesting one!

Last but not least, as an artist and educator, I believe, such stories will inspire young people to fight and work for their dreams before they quit because something is “impossible”. Made In is a project for those people who are making it!

Episodes will be available on my personal Youtube channel & Vimeo.


Intro – Vimeo, Youtube

Episode #1 – Design project by Dimitri KaliviotisVimeo, Youtube

Episode #2 –Faidra Giannelou & El Sistema Greece Orchestra –  Vimeo, Youtube

Episode #3 – Yfi Ceramics – Vimeo, Youtube

Episode #4 – Loading…

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