Made In

Made In is a personal project that I launched in November 2017. The project came from my personal need to meet people who made their dreams come true.  In every story, we will meet a new different person. The idea of the project is to meet people who don’t usually work in a standard 9 to 5 job. These people could be artists, athletes and who knows who else? Their “office” is probably a sculpture laboratory, a conservatory or even the sea. Therefore, they have a different routine, but in my opinion, a very interesting one! Last but not least, as an artist and educator, I believe, such stories will inspire young people to fight and work for their dreams before they quit because something is “impossible”. Made In is a project for those people who are making it!

Episodes will be available on my personal Youtube channel & Vimeo.


Intro – Vimeo, Youtube

#1 Made In – Design project by Dimitri KaliviotisVimeo, Youtube

#2 Made In –Faidra Giannelou & El Sistema Greece Orchestra –  Vimeo, Youtube