Made In – Press release (Sept. 2018)

Pano Ponti presents:

Made In: Stories about those who are making it!

After the success of *Ichthys short documentary (International Documentary Festival Thessaloniki, Athens International Film Festival and more ), Pano Ponti, the producer, editor & one of the cinematographers of the documentary, is coming back with a new mini-documentary web series.

This time, from a more mature point of view, Pano Ponti, narrates us through Made In stories of people that chase their dreams and manage to escape the daily routine. Most noteworthy, they live their lives doing what they love.

In the two first episodes, we meet a Greek-Canadian visual artist and a Greek conductor. The episodes are available on Vimeo and Youtube. As we speak, I work on the pre-production of the next episode. It will be available during the first months of 2019.

Pano Ponti.